Center for Societal Progress

The Center for Societal Progress (Zentrum für gesellschaftlichen Fortschritt) is a non-profit think tank based in Frankfurt, Germany. Since its launch in 2009 it works on new ways and methods that can help improve the quality of life of people. We link the national debate on wellbeing in Germany with activities in other countries and international organizations. Our main insights from the past years are summarized in our manual "Quality of Life Processes". The most recent study in English is "The happy variety of capitalism 2.0".

The director of the Center was a member of the scientific advisory board of the German national wellbeing strategy in 2015/16. The final report is available in English. Proposals for such a strategy were developed in the working group "Prosperity, quality of life and progress" in the German Chancellor's 2011/12 Dialogue on Germany's Future (English version here from page 106), led by Stefan Bergheim.
Practical, hands-on experience on quality of life processes comes from our involvement in "Positive Futures - Forum for Frankfurt". This process started in early 2014. Visions and indicators were published in June 2015.
The Center's first major product was the Progress Index (2011 short English version), which provides a measure of wellbeing for 22 countries since 1970 that goes beyond GDP. Our Progress Studies explore topics such as "Positive Futures" or work and health. They are usually published only in German (exceptions include Tasmania Together).
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